Biocomercio is a Spanish Company located in the Region of Valencia. From the beginning, our main goal has been to boost organic or ecological production by developing projects with farmers and agricultural cooperatives in the region.

We try to develop products in the area of ALICANTE and our main concern is to cooperate with the producers in the area in order to control the product from its farming up to its processing, packaging and marketing. In Biocomercio, we work with both organic raw materials, for further processing and packaging, and ecological products for their final packaging.

We always try that our raw materials come from Spain and as close as possible to our region. When the organic products or raw materials are not Spanish or come from a different region, we work with Companies and producers with a broad experience in production-marketing of eco products who have their own projects or collaborations; both in countries of the European Community or third countries.

Moreover, in Biocomercio we have several consultancy projects to provide advice in relation to the production, processing and marketing to some of the producers and agricultural cooperatives in the area of ALICANTE.

Only the highest quality in all aspects

– We use the best quality ingredients. We know the producers and their products from origin.

– Elaboration by traditional methods to ensure the perfect taste and texture. The proof is in the eating.

Carefully packaged. Safe, Eco-friendly and practical.

– We listen to the needs of our clients and continually improve our products.

Specialist in almonds and pistachios.


We distribute our products internationally under strict quality controls.

France, Italy, Germany, England, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.